1. I’ve gone all lonleysandwich and am “starring” in a video I produced for Crawl for Cancer, a pub crawl that raises money for cancer research.

    I’ve been working with this organization for 3 years now on various projects, and I’ve really come to appreciate how they are doing good work via one of the most logistically difficult things I could possibly think of. You successfully herd around 23 cities’ worth of Beer Buddies without a major incident and see what I mean.

    Check out this video. And, if there’s a Crawl in a city near you, I highly encourage you to participate. If you’re in Kansas City, the Crawl on June 1 is going to be audited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pub crawl in the world. I’m working on getting The Shakes together as a team and turning it into an episode.

  2. I’m about this close to figuring out what this year’s SXSW experience meant to me. While I’m stewing on the last bits of it, I wanted to bring this gem of an interview back into the spotlight.

    The last panel I attended before heading out of town was Doreen’s Conversational Journalism: Do’s and Don’ts of Audience Participation. As I mentioned in the link to her slides, this was a great presentation, and a sizable amount of it seems to be coinciding—at least metaphorically—to what I’ve taken away from SXSW this year. I think there’s something in the way we talk to audiences, public and business alike, that is in great need of revision. More on that when I publish my video.

    Until then, watch one of my favorite interviews of 2010 while I get my thoughts together.

  3. How To Be South By South Best (SXSW Video Guide)

    It’s almost that time of year, folks.

    A week from tonight I’ll be packing my backpack full of batteries and figuring out how to strap my tripod onto said backpack. I’ll also set my taste buds on wet smoked alpaca that can only be found under an I-35 overpass near Round Rock. After that, I’ll go party with Ev Williams and Dennis Crowley while iJustine gives me a lap dance.

    Or, maybe I’ll skip that this year and go there to try to figure out how to make what I do better, meet some friends I’ve made online for the first time and definitely go have some Torchy’s Tacos.

    That iJustine lap dance thing is still on the table, though.

  4. No, Greg, that did not mean what you thought it meant.

But this does.

    No, Greg, that did not mean what you thought it meant.

    But this does.

  5. Kicking off the New Year.

    If you checked out my video with Albert last week, you saw that I was going to be unleashing a Kickstarter project to bring a little more quality to the production of the show.

    I need your help!

    I’ve been laying the groundwork for the project over the weekend, and I had an idea for the video portion of my proposal that I’d like all my Tumblr pals help with:

    If you could, get in front of your webcam, your Flip, your iPhone, your DSLR… whatever kind of video camera you’ve got on hand and give me a few seconds of testimonial on why you like my videos, or why you’d want to be in a video, or why you think the videos suck but they could be really good if people would just donate $5.00… whatever you’re inspired to do.

    I’m going to use some of my favorites as a section in the video proposal. I want to show that the idea behind my videos is to bring people together through the exchange of creative ideas, and what better way to show that than through members of a pretty tight creative community.

    Ideally, I’d like to get snippets from you guys by this Saturday. As I said, just sit down with whatever video camera you’ve got and talk for a little bit. Once you’ve got your video done, either contact me on here via ask or email me at hello+kickstarter AT jeremyfuksa DOT com. We’ll then make arrangements to get the video to me. Dropbox is probably the preferred way, but FTP, Vimeo or whatever other trick you’ve got up your sleeve will work too.

    I’m excited. I hope you’ll play along, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!