1. Joy books a local Internet celebrity! We’re joined by Matt Keck, a comedian and social media manager that you may have seen on YouTube, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 or G4’s Web Soup as the “I’m a Snake” guy. He really, truly is a snake.

    In this episode: Snakes, something about sex with no makeup and a deep-seated desire for Joy to have her face on a t-shirt that her mom didn’t make.

  2. Joy meets another Philly friend in Jenn Lukas. We discuss we discuss teaching and knowledge sharing, as well as cooking inside the box, coding to create, rewatching movies and why Pat has so many cans of clams in his pantry.

  3. Joy’s good friend Susan Neuman stops by to discuss how moms are good, dads are sometimes good, vaginas exist and that whole thing about “paying one’s dues” is a bunch of crap.

  4. Scott Simpson is working through his nervous pooping problem via the strangest therapy ever.

    In this episode, we discuss quitting jobs, following dreams, nervous pooping, great comedy and Jizoy.

  5. Paul Armstrong returns to the show to talk about something. But then the mouth crimes happened. And then emoji movies, hot mayonnaise and racism got on Denzel Washington’s finger, rendering it freaky.

    We thought it was weird, too.

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