1. Pat runs the show this week as his guest and friend Peter Grosz calls in from New York City. We learn a ton about writing, acting and that no one’s testicles are safe around Gabe Piper.

    Peter’s staff writing credits include Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Colbert Report, but you may recognize him from films like Stranger Than Fiction, TV shows like Veep and, of course, as the dark-haired guy sitting in a car eating tater tots during Sonic Drive-In commercials.

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  2. Nearly all people have a tendency to benchmark the things they do. How did this compare to the last time we did this? How does this idea compare to the one from this other person?

    Benchmarking is natural but can be a problem when we get too wrapped up in overthinking what the analysis tells us. The gang discusses how they do or don’t benchmark in their daily lives as well as some things that just aren’t benchmarkable. Like retrospectively racist creative writing assignments or beers with Steve Burns from Blue’s Clues.